Boy did I wake up on the wrong side of the futon on this morning’s blunder, good thing I was able to fix this

I was exited to hear that Luigi’s Mansion was getting a sequel, but I was mildly disapointed by the turnout: it felt like it was only a pocket adventure (which it was) so here I’ll explain my views on LM2DM

(Graphics/Sounds) If Nintendo wanted to make this game pretty, they sure pulled it off especialy on the 3DS, it just looks great on the small screen.

Or bigger screen, (depends on what you have)

The 3D looks very good, really jumps out of the screen in some scenes. The characters look great too, you’ll recognize the the three characters that show up. the ghosts well... they aren’t as intimidating as the previous bunch Instead, we have these fellas


Yeah... I don’t think they are as intimidating as the first ghosts.

Moving on, the music is good here, but it isn’t as scary feeling as it’s previous game I had hoped the music would have been as frightning as the music heard on the beta trailer of the first LM. (look it up sometime, it sounds darker than the released LM)


(Controls) It moves as responsive as it should, and the gyro controls are a fun little gimmick. (you’ll use it only a few times and on a few situations like crossing girders, aiming your poltergust, looking through cracks on walls.) Now you have a few newer tricks for catching ghosts, such as the Stro-Bulb, where you can suddenly hit your ghostly foes with a bright flash of light.

Or hunt for their trail using the Dark Light. You can also reveal invisible doors, objects, ect. But it will overheat, (don’t worry, it wont take up most of your time.)


Like this.

(Gameplay) It feels familiar as LM but easier - ghosts captured now reward money, and you will earn alot more of it by investigating various pots, plants, chests and drawers. you can use the cash you find to upgrade your poltergust or Dark Light - both upgrades increase strength.


The story mode feels more fragmented than the previous game - you only have about five or less tasks before you’re sent back to take a break. One would think they could advance after collecting the key items, but you’re sent right back to Egadd’s lab instead. there’s a boo in each level (which is about 23 and 10 in a Boolossus stage, not counting the FINAL final level.)

If you’re in the mood for playing with friends/strangers, you have the Scarescraper mode to have fun with. It’s a basic two to four player mode that’s pretty competitive - but to survive, you must ally yourself with the other Luigis, (everyone is Luigi apparently) and for whomever collects the most treasure during the ghost hunt, they’ll earn an upgrade on their respective Polturgusts. So it get’s pretty interesting to go from helping your partner, to helping yourself.

(Final Verdict)

Proceed with caution on this one, other than multiplayer or a short feeling story mode, there’s not much to be impressed about.